The way we were...
Much has been said, written, photographed and video-taped about 'the coolest store in Savannah'...
Rumors of our demise were slightly exaggerated. A short time ago, we moved from our 32-year location near City Market in Savannah. The local newspapers reported that we were 'closing' the store. Actually, we just relocated--around the corner--and down the block--a bit. Quite the daunting task, considering the volume of really cool stuff we had cram-packed in that location. Our new location features the same great type of stuff--only now it is just a bit easier to get to!
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The way we are now...
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Come for a visit!
We want to see your smiling faces again, so please come visit us at our new location...just around the corner, and down the block...
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Yes, you've found us!
Savannah, GA
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STILL 'The Greatest Store on Earth!' You've missed us, and we've missed you! We have spent the last two months...
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